Transmission of Spiritual Power

Transmission of Spiritual Power
There is a process by which a real spiritual teacher (Sat Guru) imparts his spiritual power to his disciple. The process is known as ‘Shaktipat’ or transmission of spiritual power. The teacher who is possessed of this power of transmission can give this knowledge of truth or the knowledge of the way of union with the Divine to a deserving disciple in an instant without any effort whatsoever. There are many references in the spiritual books to the effect that a man on whom the real Guru lets fall his glance or on whose head he places his lotus hand be he however small and insignificant a being is at once raised to a status equal to the Lord of the Universe himself.
The principle objective of yoga is to attain Samadhi in which state all modifications of the mind are stilled and sup¬pressed. To achieve this object one has to go through the eightfold process of yoga, which is very difficult to practice without the guidance of a qualified Guru. A slight error in this Sadhan may result in injury to the practitioner. This difficulty prevents many an ardent seeker from pursuing a path of yoga which comprises a long course of Asan, Pranayam, the practice of various Mudras, the rousing of the Kundalini power and thereafter opening the gateway of the central nerve within the spinal cord and directing the Prana to an upward course towards the cerebral region. Now, the whole of this process can be brought about almost without any effort by transmission of power (Shaktipat).
The effect of transmission is immediate (i.e. the rousing Of the Kundalini Power) on the disciple who has control over his mind and senses and is devoted to the Lord and posses¬ses an unswerving faith in the Guru and completely surren¬ders to the Guru. The one thing needed above all others is sincere service of the Guru and gaining his favour.
The fact is that the awakened Divine Power (Kundalini) herself gets all things done without effort (Asan, Pranayam mudra etc) according to the needs and demands of the case for the growth of the Sadhak (Spiritual aspirant).
The type of spiritual aspirants who pin their faith on per¬sonal effort is unlikely to yield to, and solely depend on a po.wer of their personality. But the way of the transmission of power (Shaktipat) is a way of surrender and dependence. The Sadhak initiated into it has no thought of the progress he would make during the present term of life. He is happy to be led where the Divine Power leads him and the Divine Power protects him from all disaster and leads him to his spiritual destiny. For those who aspire after yoga, under modern con¬ditions there is no easier method to follow than the process of Shaktipat. Whosoever, therefore, come in contact with a Mahatma who is adept in Shaktipat should not loose the opportunity of gaining his favour and thus realizing the object of his life. There is no easier, no more effective Sadhan (Spiritual practice) than Shaktipat, always lifting the Sadhak (Spiritual aspirant) above griefs and sorrows, above the wrong activities of the little and perverted mind and bringing him Supreme Peace.