Kundalini- Shakti

Kundalini-Shakti is present in all persons, but the indi¬vidual is unaware of it’s presence in the dormant state. The Shakti is in fact never dormant or inactive because every thing we do is in fact done by the Shakti (Energy). It is said to be in the dormant state because when we do things we feel that we are doing by our own will and energy, thereby creating an ego of “Doership” in us. This feeling of doership is the cause of accumulating impressions on our Chitta (mind) which ulti¬mately becomes the cause of our birth and rebirth in various species.
In the dormant state, the seat of the Divine Power (Kun¬dalini) is in the Ganglion-lmpar in the presacral area of the spinal-column. After activation, it ascends upwards through the spinal cord (Sushumana) to its destination in the cerebrum (Sahasrar) traversing through the six plexuses (Chakras). When this happens SAMADHI occurs.

It is said in Shiva-Sutra, that activation of Kundalini occurs by the Grace of God only. God bestows His Grace through the true spiritual master (Sat-Guru). Therefore, if one wants the Grace of God, one should seek a Sat-Guru. It is for this reason that tradition of Spiritual Masters (Guru-parampara) has been prevalent in India. In other parts of the world, saintly persons even though not called as Gurus, bes¬tow the Grace of God on the people. In short therefore, Kun¬dalini can only be activated by the Grace of the Sat-Guru.
Other methods have also been suggested, e.g., chanting of mantras, Pranayam, Hath-Yoga, Asans, etc. The problems with Hath-Yoga and Pranayam are that one requires an able Guru of that branch and needs to practice them for a long time, and even then one can never be sure that the Shakti will be activated.