Swami Vishnu Trith Ji Maharaj

Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji Maharaj also known as Munilal Swami, was born in Jazzar of the District of Rohtak in Haryana State. He always had a love for spiritualism. While still a young man, he had a divine experience that occurred while living in a hostel as a student. He was resting on his roof at night when he saw a huge circle of fire approaching.

Swami Shivom Trith Ji Maharaj

 Swami Shivom Tirth Ji Maharaj was the favorite disciple of Swami Vishnu Tirth Maharaj. The field of activity of Shri Swami Vishnu Tirth Maharaj was considerably wide and he set a number of milestones in the expansion of the movement of the Shaktipat system. His successor Shri Swami Shivom Tirth Maharaj, the present Guru Maharaj of Ashrams in India and the USA, has, however, gone beyond this horizon after solidifying the work of his revered Guru.

Swami Gopal Trith Ji Maharaj

Swami Gopal Tirth Ji Maharaj was born on 23 Feb. 1938, in a family where numerous Sanyasi’s and Yogis had been born. Swamiji is the nephew of P.P.Swami Shri VishnuTirthji Maharaj a renounced Shaktipatacharya. Swamiji’s parents were highly pious and devoted sadhak. The atmosphere of the family was cultured, disciplined, and spiritual and Swamiji inherited all these characters.

Brahmchari Gangadhar Prakash ji

 The Shaktipat system of Yoga begins with Swami Gangadhar Tirth Maharaj. Although this system is quite old, it has existed secretly like an undercurrent in Hindu society and has been known to a few spiritual aspirants in different places from time immemorial.

Shri Yoganandaji Maharaj

 Shri Yoganandaji Maharaj, originally known as Daya Shankar, was born in Junagar, Gujrat at the beginning of the present century. The exact place of birth of Shri Yoganadaji is not known since he was always reluctant to give any details about his private life. He confined himself to talking about Yoga practices, devotion and spiritual advancement.

Param Guru Sri Swami Narayan Dev Tirth

 Param Guru Sri Swami Narayan Dev Tirth is well known as the redeemer and the rejuvenator of the lost and disappearing divine science of Kundalini Awakening through the Shaktipat Initiation. He was born in 1870 in a poor family of village (Mandrasar)Binotia in Bengal state of former East India, presently known as Bangla Desh.

Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirth Maharaj

 Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirth Maharaj was the Sanyas Guru of Swami Vishnu Tirth Maharaj. A Sanyas Guru is a spiritual teacher who initiates one into the system of, sanyas, or renunciation.

Lalleshwari ( Lal Ded)

Lalleshwari (1320–1392) was a mystic of the Kashmiri Shaivite She was a creator of the mystic poetry called vatsun or Vakhs, literally “speech”. Known as Lal Vakhs, her verses are the earliest compositions in the Kashmiri language and are an important part in history of Kashmiri literature.she inspired some of the later Sufis of Kashmir.